2/25 Update

Well, it’s Monday so I’m sure you all know what that means-

New chapter!

Well, it has recently. We’ve definitely improved from an 8k chapter every couple months so let’s keep this momentum and continue churning out chapters for you to enjoy.

The chapter isn’t up quite yet- as soon as I finish this I’m tweeting about this update, figuring out a name for the chapter, and posting it- but it will be soon.

Hopefully, I need to get to bed.

I did technically have the rest of the day to do this but I got off of work at midnight and home a bit before one so I figured it was now the 25th and I might as well finish everything up.

Really should have gone over the chapter beforehand because going over all the typos- and I know I’ve still missed a few, which Fuyuiku will point out later in their review- took me like forty minutes and I still have to finish this up here.

Onto the more update-y part of this update.

Chapter 70 was “finished” this afternoon- yesterday afternoon, technically- before my shift which means I have another week to write chapter 71 without worrying about missing deadlines.

Which is fantastic, because I hate having deadlines hanging over my head, even if it has seemed to increase my productivity. Another thing that’s probably helped is the fact that I haven’t played any videogames since, well, whatever update I last talked about playing videogames.

Gimme a sec….

Ah, looks like it was the twenty first. So three days without my first mistress and I’ve managed to finish two chapters – not completely accurate seeing as I got stuck on chapter 69 because of said mistress, but we’ll just ignore that- so I should probably be spending less time with her.

And I really should give her some kind of name too, but that’s not really important right now.

I’ll try to continue resisting her but I can’t guarantee I’ll manage it. With a bit of luck, I can somehow manage to get chapters finished on workdays and use my days off to spend time with her. Not that I have a day off in the next week, but I should be able to manage.


I know I mentioned this in the last update, but on March fourth the site is changing to Read.Eyazahrid.net. It won’t be a huge change, but I will start trying to add more things that aren’t necessarily Sealkeeper but are related on the merit of being Fanfiction. Primarily, I’ll post my old stories here -or at least a link to the files- and I may even post some story ideas I’ve wanted to try but haven’t had the time to start.

Really like that last idea, I might have to just have a page that I update with ideas both big and small to be scattered throughout stories. The only downside to that is I wouldn’t be able to use them now or in future works because they would seem as cool.

Meh, maybe I’ll just leave the ones I came up with but don’t really want. That sounds bad. On second thought, I’ll just post entire story ideas to get your imaginative juices flowing.

And so I don’t forget them.

Hmm, might post some of the stories I’ve worked on that have never seen the light of day, too. There aren’t too many but I just haven’t had time to devote to them. One of you could give them a try or, if enough people express interest in some of them, I might start setting aside some Sealkeeper time to work on those instead.

We’ll see how it goes.

Now, I should have been in bed half an hour ago so I’ll wrap this up here and go post the chapter.

Until I next have your attention,



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