2/23 Update and “On The Subject of Suffixes”

Taking a break from chapter 70 to update everyone on its progress. Not sure what’s gotten into me but I’ve managed to resist my first mistress yesterday and today- thus far- bringing chapter progress to a nice 40%.

Again, this is for the standard 5k chapters but with how often I’ve been able to post chapter this way- Are we really back to once a week? Fantastic!- I’m definitely able to provide you all with much more Sealkeeper overall.

I’ll try for having a few chapters in reserve before I start going above 5k and who knows, maybe I’ll get to the point where I can start typing out 10k a week without making use of days off.

Yeah, I know, it isn’t likely. A guy can still dream, though.

Chapter 69 is still set to be uploaded on 2/25- you’re nearly there, just hold on a few more days- and all that’s left for it is to go through fixing whatever autocorrect yells at me about and thinking up a name for the chapter. Usually the name is the hardest part, really.

Both of those, however, can be left for 2/25 right before I post it.

With a bit of luck – and a few bursts of inspiration- I should have chapter 70 done- or nearly so- by then and be able to start on chapter 71. I’m going to set a goal to have chapter 72 done by 3/4, which is when i should be posting chapter 70.

Hey, it seems to be working, why risk messing with it?

Not sure how realistic that goal is when I usually have days off soon after posting a chapter and can use them to get a pretty substantial start to the chapter, but we’ll see.

Might have to start staying at work more too, because I sat down before my shift and managed to redeem the early games of March’s Humble Bundle, eat, and get 1k typed up for chapter 70.

At home I’ll spend two hours writing and accomplish a whole 500 words.

it’s probably because I’m too damn comfortable in my room. Really need to set up some sort of office where I’m less tempted by my first mistress, random Youtube videos, and the urge to pace around.

Considering I use a computer to write the story because my handwriting is atrocious, two of those really can’t be avoided.

Perhaps a standing desk would help with the third, though. Might have to look into that.

That should about do it for the update, but what’s better than learning Eyazahrid’s on track with the chapter and is making good progress on the next one?

The chance to read even more from him, of course!

I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while because it’s something that kind of bugs me but that I’m guilty of too and that’s the proper use of Suffixes.

Inset title here.

–“On The Subject of Suffixes”–

Yeah, that’ll do.

Now, I’m not going to mention which suffixes should be used and which are used incorrectly or anything of that nature- because I think I’ve already established in one of my earlier updates that I’m not super knowledgeable on that subject. What I do know, and something that makes me mentally groan every time I see it, is that removing the Suffix from a name does not mean you like someone less.

It does, in fact, suggest a very close relationship with that person.

Parents might call their children by their given name or a couple might do away with the Suffix- which is unlikely- but that’s the kind of close relation you would need to do so.

I know that I don’t always have my characters use suffixes- a bit too late now, perhaps, but maybe in my next works- which is a pretty common theme for protagonists. Naruto usually doesn’t bother with them, I’m pretty sure Ichigo from Bleach doesn’t use them often, and I think I recall a point in D.Gray-Man where some of the other characters call out Allan Walker on not using them.

Doing so, especially if the person doesn’t believe you to be that close to them, is considered pretty rude so every time I read a Naruto story- and it has actually been a long time, now that I think about it- and you have the classic “Naruto’s gotten over Sakura and she realizes he no longer adds ‘-chan’ to her name” scene I have to shake my head.

Dropping the Suffix would probably have the opposite affect the writers are intending as the greater implied closeness would most likely just piss off young Sakura.

The best way to show a new distance between them- even better than Sakura-san – would be to use her last name as it implies an even greater “lack of closeness”, for lack of a proper term. Greater degree of separation, maybe?

Bah, doesn’t matter.

“Haruno-san” would be the largest distance he could put between them without being rude. If he wanted to be insulting, however, he could just use “Haruno” which, as I understand it, is rather impolite. Not sure why, but if I had to guess it would be refusing to recognize someone as an individual or something.

Regardless, doing so would show any disdain he felt for her- especially good for stories where he hasn’t just gotten over her and moved on but where she’s directly responsible for such- while remaining proper.

Then again, I’ve already mentioned that I fail here too and that most protagonists – or at least young, action protagonists- don’t really care enough to bother with them.

Now, at least, you know. So if you didn’t already, every time you see such a scene now you’ll remember what I’ve said and curse me for ruining it.

You’re welcome.

Of course, there’s a good likelihood you already knew that and so this whole half of the post has been pointless.

That will end my little commentary, so let’s wrap this up.

If have made it this far I congratulate you for having so much free time in your day and your prize is knowing that- sometime soon- I will post the HTML files for all my deleted stories on a page here for you to enjoy once more.

I’ve received a couple of requests for some of my older stories, so it would just be easier to have them all readily available for those who liked them. You know, for whatever reason. We try not to judge.

I think with the posting of chapter 70 [3/4, if you’ve already forgotten the plan] I’ll change the subdomain of this blog- if I can figure that out- to Read.Eyazahrid.Net and make those available. Not sure what the best way to do that would be, but it may end up being just a link to view files in a Google Drive folder.

Id’ also like to add an AN to the first chapter so that newcomers have a better idea of what they’re getting into, but we’ll see how much of that I’ll actually get done.

Until I next have your attention,


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